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#23 – Basics of Sikhi – 5th Barsi – 13 Hour Akhand Jaap 2022

< Back to all Albums Download Here Album Info Recorded, Mixed & Produced by: Kirtan Fi Mix Type: Spatial Audio Notes: This album was recorded at Singh Sabha Gurdwara Southall, UK on 27th July 2022, marking the 5th annual Barsi of Bhai Jagraj Singh Ji, founder of the Everything’s 13 Charity and Basics of Sikhi. […]

#09 – Asa Di Vaar – Back to Basics Camp 2019

< Back to all Albums Download Here Album Info Recorded by: Basics of Sikhi Mixed & Produced by: KirtanFi Mix Type: Stereo Expand Notes: This is Kirtan Fi’s first collaboration album with Basics of Sikhi.  The original audio recordings were provided to Kirtan Fi to mix and produce in full Hi-Res quality.  Below you can […]