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All about Kirtan Fi

Lets start with the "why".....

If worldly music lovers can expereince audio quality in the form of Hi-Res music and streaming, then why would we not utilise this technology and for the advancement of our Gurbani digital media?

The gap which Kirtan Fi fills is one of audio quality and preservation of what has been recorded for future generations to come in the absolute pinnacle quality and formats available.

The technology to capture and preserve our digital history may it be Kirtan, Katha or Sikhi videos or audio, is upon us.  Kirtan Fi wants to participate in this goal. on to the "how"....

By constant experimentation and collaboration, Kirtan Fi continues to learn how to mix and master audio and extract the best from the recording.  

No two live Samagams are the same.  Such as Darbar size, speaker system and placement throughout the Darbar, Keertani and Sangat positions and unexpected background noises such as fans or AC units.  Each Album requires some form of editing at the mixing stage to eliminate possible issues and enhance the overall experience of the audio.

The best part of this is that our techniques and knowledge improves over time, there is still so much to learn and try!

.....and finally the "what".

Kirtan Fi is aimed as an experience of audio fidelity.  In fact its in the name – Kirtan “Fidelity ” or “Fi” like the use in the common word “Hi-Fi” meaning “High Fidelity”.

Kirtan Fi is more than a platform, it is a movement.  The sole purpose of educating and providing Sangat with the best non-commercial live captured Kirtan recordings in the world.

To achieve this purpose.....

Kirtan Fi is firstly established as a “Record Label” which means that it is a ‘brand’ of the albums released by it.  This identity is meant for Sanagt to recognise that the output quality of the albums are aimed at premium listening experiences.  Recordings will never be perfect, but the time and effort taken to extract the best from them is paramount to the end listener.  We don’t believe that this has been attempted before and with the Kirpa of the Sangat’s Charan Dhoor and Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji’s Kirpa, Kirtan Fi will bring listeners closer to the Gurbani and emotions recorded. 

Secondly, the Kirtan Fi brand is a place for Sanagt to learn more in the art of being an audiophile or in this case a Kirtanphile!  Hi-Res related info and audio equipment reviews and recommendations ranging from mics to headphones, to DACs and Amps will be shared from the unique position of bettering your own Kirtan listening experience.

What's with all the badges!?

Hover or tap on the tiles below to learn more about the different badges on the album art you will see at Kirtan Fi 

Hi-Res Kirtan Certified

Its the stamp of approval. An authentic certification inspired by the original "Hi-Res Audio" badges which can be found on commercial Hi-Res certified products. This badge is unique to Kirtan Fi and serves the purpose of being a mark of Hi-Res quality. Paired with the Kirtan Fi brand badges galvanises the mark of a premium experience.

A badge with many meanings!

The main brand logo of Kirtan Fi, essentially either an album which was fully Kirtan FI end to end (recording to release) or a collab release which required no editing on our end. I.e. the collaborator's release was verbatim.

Its all in the mix.....

This will be where either a remix of an existing Kirtan FI album was done to improve the output or most likely where a collab has taken place and the original RAW multitrack recordings were provided for Kirtan Fi to then mix entirely fresh and release. These will sound acoustically better than the originals with more detail in all cases.

Enhancing the LoFi.....

A remaster is where the original track is then edited to better the quality. For example old school Kirtan or Katha recordings which may be digitally restored or edited to sound more clearer using audio editing techniques to acoustically improve the track. These most likely will not be true Hi-Res audio quality, rather upscaled to CD quality (16 bit / 44 kHz) once worked on.

Hear more than usual.....

Using advanced audio editing techniques, the placement of individual tracks in a Stereo mix (Left and Right Channel) is possible. This vastly improves the clarity and quality of the final track. This pushes the boundaries of what is possible with just two channel audio.

Its behind you!

These releases are normally 5.1 surround sound mixes where the recording was done intentionally to provide this end result of a fully surround sound experience like no other. Listen to these in surround car speakers, home theatre setups or high end headphones to get a much richer feeling of presence.

The future of the music industry

Spatial audio is another step up from the 360 Surround mixes. These have the ability to provide a 3-Dimensional sound where even sounds can come from above or below as well as in front, sides and rear. These mixes are highly complex and measures taken into account when recording and mixing to take it to the next level. You absolutely will never have heard a Kirtan recording like this in the world!

The boring but important stuff.....

Copyright....yada yada.....

  • All content published and released into the public domain by Kirtan Fi is free for personal use.
  • No commercial use of any Kirtan Fi content is allowed.  I.e. re-uploading the content onto another media platform where the Sangat must pay to access or you make a personal profit off of the content.
  • Hosting Kirtan Fi content (audio or wallpapers) on other social media platforms must be explicitly requested and approved by Kirtan Fi.  E.g. uploading an entire album or wallpapers to another site or platform.
  • Where KirtanFI has authorised the use of redistribution of content, the only condition is that all Kirtan Fi file metadata, artwork and branding is kept intact so that Sangat can always re-trace the source of the content.


YOUTUBE CHANNELS who want to make videos using Kirtan Fi content….

  • This is a specific request to any YouTube channels who wish to use KirtanFi publications (Audio or Wallpapers), to please request consent to do so prior to uploading any videos with KirtanFi content. 
  • Suggested YouTube Video description citation of source:


    • SOURCE: has provided the original Hi-Res audio files for this publication, any edits to the original audio file(s) undertaken by <ENTER YOUR CHANNEL NAME> has been done with prior notification to

      For the original KirtanFi Hi-Res recordings, please visit to listen or download the Lossless files, alongside additional content such as 4K+ resolution wallpapers.


  • Failure to alert KirtanFi of re-use of content or lack of citation of source will lead to a YouTube copyright report, which will result in your videos being taken down.


Why are you being so awkward KirtanFi?

  • Well….


Content creation is effort, time, money and life consuming.  A humble request is to respect this fact as all of this is done passionately to make it at no cost to the Sangat.  This not only helps KirtanFi get content into more Sangat’s ears, but also helps protect our collab partners, who also have shed their time, money and lives into making content high quality and free.

Please be fair and make it clear where you sourced your content from!

.....Disclaimer & Transparency

  • Kitan Fi will ALWAYS keep content access FREE to the Sangat
  • YouTube videos of Kirtan tracks or playlists will NEVER be monetised or contain advertisements
  • YouTube videos of audio tech information, product reviews and interviews etc MAY be monetised or sponsorships accepted where appropriate.  I.e. any video which does not contain full Kirtan tracks or albums.
  • Any donations made to Kirtan Fi by the Sangat or general public in any means (via this website or funding sites) will be used to better the Kirtan Fi service, pay for any equipment, hosting and additional costs of running the free Kirtan Fi platform and YouTube channel.

Listen, Watch, Follow, Subscribe, Comment, Like, Join, Post, Tag, thanks for reading till the end....