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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) much to discuss, so little time...

General Info

No. Due to the fact that MP3 files are a lossy compressed format, simply re-saving to a lossless uncompressed format such as FLAC will not improve the sound quality.  Simply put, you cannot create new "data out of nothing".

MP3 = Lossy & Compressed (i.e. orginal sound data lost)

FLAC = Lossless & Uncompressed (i.e. original sound data intact)

Conclusion: FLAC good, MP3 not so good!

Hi-Res audio normally refers to music file types that have a higher sampling frequency and/or bit depth than CD quality (16 bit/44 kHz).

Essentially more digital data means more information in the file.

Hi-res audio files are usually specified at 24bit/96kHz or higher.

Want to geek out?  Read this great article on the topic by

The short version of the About page: 

Kirtan Fi is here to push the boundaries of audio quality and emersion of recordings to a place not yet experienced. With continued refinement and innovation, Kirtan Fi is ready to give back to the Sangat, that which has never been done before.

Lossless audio is where the audio has been compressed in a way which preserves 100% of the original data captured in the recording.  E.g. FLAC files.

Lossy audio is where the audio has been compressed to reduce file size and thus data is lost in the process.  This is irreversible.  E.g. MP3 files.

Hi-Res audio is commonly referred to as Lossless.

The only drawback of having more data is that the resultant file size of the FLAC can be 2 to 4 times bigger than the MP3 compressed version.

Another bonus for using Kirtan Fi is that its the only place online to get 4K+ Resolution Sikhi and Gurbani wallpapers for your devices.  Per album each track has its own unique Gurbani wallpaper to help keep the constant reminder in our minds and eyes as we use our devices in the day.  Have a favourite track/Shabad, now you can see the Gurbani visually when set as a device's wallpaper.  There are also other styles such as Simran, motivational quotes and much more.  Oh, and the way in which the wallpapers have been designed means that they will scale to ANY of your devices, be it phones, tablets, laptops or desktops.

The absolute dream is to release an official Kirtan Fi app into the mobile app stores.  The hinderance is that development and hosting is costly.  At the moment I don't have sufficient funds to do so.  Through Sangat donations this could be made a reality.  Guru Ji Kirpa karn - sometime in the future we can do so.

How to get Hi-Res to play properly

More on this in a future video - there are very suitable budget friendly options out there and Kirtan Fi is here to help you on this journey!  

An amplifier is the device that turns the low voltage signals from your source equipment into a signal with increased strength (or gain).

You may have been in a situation where you have plugged headphones or speakers into a source and want to crank the volume...however even maxed out, it just isn't loud enough?  This is an example of a situation in which an Amplifier would help you.

A Digital to Analog Converter,  converts a digital audio signal into an analog one so that you can play the sound over headphones or speakers.  E.g. your phone, tablet, laptop or desktop will have small DAC circuitry (chip) which will process the digital (1's and 0's) into an output which can be used to listen to on the other end via headphones or speakers. This also includes Bluetooth headphones.  Note - as with any commodity, the quality of the DAC chips can vary significantly and thus the actual sound reproduction you hear can be affected.  More on this will be covered in a future video!

So you have tried listening to Kirtan Fi on your phone or tablet and cannot perceive any differences in the audio quality via the demo on the homepage (MP3 vs CD vs Hi-Res)....there are many reasons as to why you haven't felt the difference, even if it is definitely there.  More on this will be covered in a future video!

Streaming Services

As of April 2023, Kirtan Fi has begun releasing all new albums to ALL streaming platforms, such as Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music, Tidal & etc.

Check out for all main links to the platforms or just simply search "kirtan fi" on any platform to find the "artist" account for the brand.

As of April 2023, Kirtan Fi has begun to release all new albums onto all major streaming platforms.  Given the mechanism already exists for these platforms to create some revenue and to payout to the distributors, and in turn to pay out to the Label or artists. 

Kirtan Fi pays Keertanis all agreed royalty splits (typically a 50:50 arrangement) at the end of every year in December (once yearly) given the actual sum amount of royalties is so negligible its actually a loss at the moment versus the cost of publishing 🤷🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

Given there are no case studies on royalties or data to actually guide Kirtan Fi on this, I chose to continue this process for a period of time to see how it works out and with time, the more the Panth uses the streaming solutions, the more the potential royalties to then forward on to the Keertanis.

Simply put - because it is the biggest content provider in the world.  Utilising YouTube is great as it helps spread the word and also allows Kirtan Fi to express the beauty of the audio mix (even if in lossy format via videos), by being creative with the video content.  

Also it allows Kirtan Fi a means to provide more informative content such as tutorials, product reviews and etc in a more accessible way to the Sangat.

I'm a Keertani - Work with me!

No.  Kirtan Fi choses not create legal tension or hold a grip on artists.  It is not a usual "Record Label".

There is a Singh's agreement between Kirtan Fi and the Keertani and what is agreed to prior to the undertaking of a project is stuck to as appropriate.  

Kirtan Fi holds the worldly copyrights to the sound recording on behalf of the Keertani/jatha/collab brand.

This is important as Kirtan Fi is also publishing the works to all platforms and thus acts on the Keertani's behalf to ensure no un-authorised copies are distributed or copied and re-uploaded....surprisingly this is an epidemic in our Sikh content industry.....

Bakhi....Ultimate ownership is Akaal Purakh Waheguru Ji's or course!

Give Kirtan Fi a shout via DMs on any social media such as Instagram or using the number in the whatsapp group (link at footer of page) or email "contactkirtanfi" at gmail dot com.