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Collaborate with Kirtan Fi

...publish your branded content FREE to give the Sangat a longer lasting recorded experience!

Content creation is hard work.

You have gone through all of the trouble of preparing your kit, taking it and getting to the  location, shooting, recording and capturing the Samagam/event.  You may even have live streamed it on YouTube along the way….lets not mention the struggles of this alone!  Back in your “studio” you now have the challenge of editing and producing the video/audio to a higher standard.  You will probably mix the audio a little and combine with the video and the final render is ready to go once you have colour graded.  Then its on to releasing on social media and the continued support/input needed to keep the content in the eyes and ears of as many Sikhs as possible…..sounds long when one writes it out…right?  Even then it doesn’t quiet do it justice :/

All that work....but its not in the best format!?

Despite all of the challenges you have overcome and hard work you have put in, the output released on SoundCloud and Youtube or other platforms, won’t provide the future resilience of time to the Sangat of the future.  Why would we not want to publish all this Kirtan in Hi-Res alongside the lossy options we are all used to?  

A wise friend once said, “Today’s Kirtan recordings are tomorrow’s puratan recordings”. 

Think about it….if there is an option on the table for you to do so for FREE and low workload for yourself, why not take it?

At Your service.....

.....lets do this!

Kirtan Fi wants to work with you if you share the passion for presenting the Sangat with the best quality and accessible content.  With a small amount of your time, we can collaborate to make this happen.  

All you need to do is contact Kirtan Fi via this site contact form or message via social media to get the ball rolling.

Case Studies

Learn more about some of Kirtan Fi’s collab albums and how we all worked together to make it happen with the immense Kirpa of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji.  With thanks to the brands below who kindly allowed this info to be shared.

Sohagan Arts

Contacted via Instagram

Funny how it works out….Guru Ji Kirpa, the first few days of the Kirtan Fi Instagram going public with its first post, Kirtan Fi reached out to enquire more on a potential collab project.  Sohagan Arts kindly obliged with much enthusiasm and passion for Kirtan Fi aims and got it all started with an offer to remix an existing Samagam which had been broadcast 3 years earlier.

First week

Sohagan Arts provided Kirtan Fi with the RAW Wav files which had been captured as part of their livestream on YouTube and described on how the microphones and multi-track had been laid out physically in the Darbar Sahib. 

Taking this info and files shared directly with Kirtan Fi via our cloud based collab shared folder, it was time to begin the remix!  A few days later Kirtan Fi presented back an initial draft of the resultant remix in Hi-Res Flac files.

Giving time to Sohagan Arts to assess and listen to the draft recordings, some feedback was taken to make slight adjustments to the mix.

Second week

A finalised version was presented back to Sohagan Arts along with a draft version of the album art, which was also adjusted minimally to suit.  

All tracks were then fully ID3 Tagged and metadata added.

A final album folder containing the tracks was then presented to Sohagan Arts for their keeping.

Release schedule

A release was planned in and YouTube videos produced containing the remixed audio for Kirtan Fi’s YouTube channel.  Full attributions were added to the video intro and descriptions.  Instagram strategies were also planned as a daily release of the 16 track albums (one per day). 

The actual release of this album was on the week of the launch of this Kirtan Fi platform! 

Exciting 2nd Collab is in the works - soon to be announced!