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Album Info

Recorded & Produced byKirtan Fi
Mix TypeSpatial Mix
NotesThis debut album was recorded at Bhai Gurpreet Singh Ji's residence in November 2021. One of the first recordings captured by Kirtan Fi. Gurpreet Singh Chandan has sought out the finest Ustaads in various disciplines to be able to preserve and revive the rich tradition of Gurbani Sangeet through education, exposure and accessibility. Most notably Bhai Kirpal Singh Panesar ji and Shri Mukul Kulkarni ji have kindly and generously given their blessings and guidance to Gurpreet Singh in the fields of Gurbani Sangeet and Hindustani Sangeet respectively. Instagram: @harkrit.gurbanisangeet . Website: . With thanks to Bhai Gurmukh Singh Ji Chandan, Bhai Poora Singh Ji Sidhu, Bhai Gurminder Singh Ji & Bibi Mohan Kaur Ji.

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