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Introducing the world's first Hi-Res Audio Gurbani Kirtan platform

Hi-Res / Lossless audio is the future of audio fidelity.....

What's "Hi-Res" audio?

Hi-Res audio refers to music file types that have a higher sampling frequency and/or bit depth than CD quality (16 bit/44 kHz).

I.e. more digital data means more information in the file.

Hi-res audio files are usually specified at 24bit/96kHz or higher.

Want to geek out?  Read this great article on the topic by WhatHiFi.

What's "Lossless" audio?

Lossless audio is where the audio has been compressed in a way which preserves 100% of the original data captured in the recording. 
E.g. FLAC files.

Lossy audio is where the audio has been compressed to reduce file size and thus data is lost in the process.  This is irreversible
E.g. MP3 files.

Hi-Res audio is commonly referred to as Lossless.

The only drawback of having more data is that the resultant file size of the FLAC can be 2 to 4 times bigger than the MP3 compressed version.

Like the sound of this?

"Bringing the studio to the Sangat".

Disclaimer!  Nothing can replace being in Sangat listening or partaking in Kirtan physically…..
…however we can attempt to capture the emotions, sounds and feelings as best as possible, which in turn may help us re-experience the atmosphere (to some degree).
Hear more from the recordings than ever before.  Listen time and time again and you will find new details or nuances to the sound each and every time.

"Its all in the detail".

Awaken the inner Audiophile Kirtanphile*

Hear the revolution, not tomorrow!

Experience of sound quality improvements is dependant upon how you listen to this comparison.  Physically connected headphones or speakers to device are preferred due to current Bluetooth limitations.  E.g., in most likelihood you will have Bluetooth headphones which  are not running the LDAC codec (very few headphones have this currently) for data transmission.  Also device dependant, the output of the full Hi-Res audio will be down-sampled to a lower bitrate, negating the purpose of the comparison.  In some cases you may also hear stuttering or crackles in the audio when listening via mobile devices, in this case try listening on a computer.   More on this matter will be explained in a future YouTube video – subscribe to get notified.

*Kirtanphile  >  noun: Kirtanphile plural noun: Kirtanphiles  >  Definition: A Hi-Fi Kirtan enthusiast.

NOTE – not in the Oxford English Dictionary yet…give it time!

Kirtan Fi.....but why?

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Absolute audio perfection is the goal.

Why does Kirtan Fi exist?

To push the boundaries of audio quality and emersion of recordings to a place not yet experienced. It all started with an experiment to the art of the possible. With continued refinement and innovation, Kirtan Fi is ready to give back to the Sangat, that which has never been done before.
About Kirtan Fi


Hi-Res Audio.....yeah got that but what are you?

What is Kirtan Fi?

Kirtan Fi is a record label and platform to stream, download and contribute high bit rate audio Kirtan. If worldly music lovers can use technology to achieve better sonic properties from recordings for their songs, then should we not apply these methods to Guru Sahib Ji's Shabads and record Kirtan is the best quality possible?


So much more than stickn' a mic & hitn' record.....

The Kirtan Fi process

By owning the entire end to end process, Kirtan Fi can ensure the most optimal end result of the recording. We have invested both time and money into experimenting with what works best. Including best mics, correct positioning, capturing in Hi-Res and then editing the audio by mixing, mastering & producing the audio to a final album ready to release. Essentially we try to replicate professional studio processes in a live environment to best capture the sound.


Calling all studios - We want to work with you!

Fully transparent collabs

We understand the hard work put in by content creators. Join us in this revolution by getting your Hi-Res mix and mastered albums here on Kirtan Fi. We'll even help you with the mixing, mastering, metadata and album art processes. Seriously. You literally have nothing to lose!
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Platform Features

*Hi-Res audio via mobile browser is not optimised in current standards, it is recommended that whilst streaming is possible, Hi-Res audio listening is best done in a home environment with appropriate audio hardware capable of decoding the audio at the right bitrate.  YouTube video on this topic coming soon. 

Listen to the Kirtan Fi albums in Lossy quality

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⭐ Beautiful 8K resolution Kirtan visuals for albums or 4K videos for Smagam/private session recordings

⭐ Audio tech info, product reviews from a Sikh perspective and vlogs/interviews

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